The Olivet University Business as Mission Center provides students with opportunities to integrate Christian faith, values, and vocation into the business marketplace. Integrated with the Olivet School of Business and Olivet Theological College and Seminary, graduate classes are aimed to help engage students academically. Provided internships supplement experiential learning through hands-on real world business scenarios.

Through practical experience, students learn about procurement, conceptualizing products and services, customer care, forming new businesses, copyrights, trademarks, technology integration, and so much more. Students gain experience for problem solving and business skills that will impact organizations through the practice of these disciplines.


The Olivet University Business as Mission Center believes that contributing to the workplace through business education and opportunities will bring greater value to Olivet University graduates. Students enrolled in Olivet University’s Business School or Master of Divinity Marketplace Ministry Concentration programs will gain a deeper sense of purpose that goes beyond just making a profit for themselves.

Service to the community and industry are valued principles that are instilled to Olivet University students. They are encouraged to give back through community service or participate in coaching programs for underclassmen. Participants in the BAMC equip others with their experience, teaching, and mentorship to add value towards someone’s development.


The Olivet University Business as Mission Center aims to provide a positive impact by passing down business knowledge to students and future generations for advancing the mission field. Effective learning is propelled with the inclusion of mentors and coaches within a network of global ministries. Students are partnered with a coach or mentor during their participation within a selected program.

Mentors may range from faculty or representatives from partnered business ministries who provide coaching sessions and help observe the goals set for the project. Through a student and mentor relationship, the offered coaching resources can bring benefits and value to program participants.


Students participating in Business as Mission are offered foundational learning as the educational entry point for exploring innovation.

The business courses offered are for students seeking innovation experience as a founder of a start-up, whether the start-up is a new ministry or company. Students do field-based work in entrepreneurship to develop their existing startup and explore new ideas and opportunities for startup ministries. Students are encouraged to work in teams but also have an opportunity to work in self directed projects while seeking guidance from mentors and instructors.

Through peer feedback, participants share their work on a frequent basis. Customized courses and projects help progress the student’s conceptual and leadership skills to meet the needs of the business and ministry settings.